Industrial canopies - EXTECH's SKYSHADE 3300 at Delaware Technical Community College

Case Study: DTCC Courtyard Canopy

 The Delaware Technical Community College canopy project presented more challenges than one would think. Tevebaugh Associates, the project architect, wanted a sleek, free-standing marquise-shaped canopy with integrated up-lighting. Because of its size (80 feet long, 32 feet wide), a free-standing canopy with a consistent look would be difficult to achieve. This difficulty became apparent when...

EXTECH’s KINETICWALL Featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

"With the emphasis on 'smart design,' the garage expansion needed to work efficiently, but also be a memorable facility. We want to bring glamour to travel." - Sam Sleiman, Director of Capital Programs for the Massachusetts Port Authority, from the September 2016 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine In the September 2016 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine, Thomas J....Continue reading

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