How Do Dynamic Wall Motion Systems Work?

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Our KINETICWALL® system is a dynamic façade comprised of movable ‘flapper’ elements that respond to naturally occurring wind patterns. There are a variety of ways that the flappers can be mounted; however, through years of extensive research, we have developed … Read More

What are the Steps for Creating a Dynamic Wall?

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We love Kineticwall projects because they are a collaborative effort between architects, building owners, installers and EXTECH. It takes everyone working together to achieve a unique and successful project! We’ve created this visual map to illustrate how a kinetic facade … Read More

5 Considerations When Installing Glass Skylights

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Glass skylights can provide many benefits when installed in commercial buildings. There are various criteria to consider when planning a glass skylight installation; however, we’ve highlighted the five points that we believe are the most commonly overlooked. While a successful … Read More