EXTECH / Exterior Technologies, Inc. welcomes Ron Clelland to the team as our Architectural Representative for the New York City and New Jersey region.

Ron brings decades of experience in the building materials industry to his role at EXTECH. As the former president of Eastern Glass Block in Lodi, NJ, Ron worked with some of the area’s top AEC firms and developed a reputation as a fenestration products specialist.  Over the course of his lengthy career in the New York City/New Jersey region, Ron built years-long partnerships and became keenly aware of the area’s infrastructure needs.

“It’s densely populated. Applications in highly-trafficked and prominent locales need to be durable as well as beautiful,” Ron says of the region. “The desire for increased daylighting and energy efficiency in commercial buildings is growing, too. And contractors and agencies have to consider building codes specific to the area, as well as the heavy push toward LEED requirements for new development.”

Because of the growing interest in daylighting and the need for resilient building systems, Ron sees several EXTECH solutions being of particular use to the New York City and New Jersey region.

“EXTECH’s experience in custom and off-the-shelf solutions for the transportation sector is a huge advantage,” explains Ron. “Our GRIDLOCK and CLEANWALL systems deliver durability and vandal-resistance that will hold up in high-traffic areas. As well, our polycarbonate translucent walls can be customized for building envelope systems to deliver the daylighting that is highly sought.”

If you are designing a project in the New York City or New Jersey area and are interested to learn more about EXTECH’s systems, you can reach Ron at the following contact details:

Ron Clelland

[email protected]


You can also set-up a visit from Ron to learn more about the benefits of cellular polycarbonate and EXTECH’s capabilities. Email him at [email protected] to schedule.

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