Case Study: A Transit Turn-key Translucent Canopy

Hospital Transit Canopy; Pittsburgh, PA

Architect: IKM Architecture; Pittsburgh
Canopy System Engineer/Manufacturer/Installer: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.; Pittsburgh
Photography:  Dave Bryce Photography

To keep transit riders more comfortable while waiting in the rain, snow, and wind, Forbes Hospital of Pittsburgh chose to construct a canopy at the bus stop. EXTECH was selected as the manufacturer to provide this ground-up structure.

Prior to the construction, field-measurements were taken, and the design came to life with drawings and a 3D model of the system. The SKYSHADE 8000 was the perfect candidate for braving the Pittsburgh elements— the extremely durable system is performance tested for the conditions.

Standing seam cellular polycarbonate in the shade opal was chosen for this 22’ long canopy. The glazing provides shading and gentle light diffusion and is co-extruded with a UV resistant layer. The polycarbonate extends past the mullions for a modern, sleek appearance. When lit at night, the opal polycarbonate has a soft glowing appearance without harsh glare.

This system features extruded aluminum clamping rafters that tightly hold the glazing in place. The combination of standing seam polycarbonate and the aluminum clamping system allows for long spans. The canopy also features a gutter system to manage precipitation.  Structural beams and columns were factory fabricated by EXTECH for ease of installation. For further wind protection, EXTECH provided a 6’ tall, u-shaped glass wind breaker to surround the canopy area.

Transit riders can enjoy the protection that the SKYSHADE has to offer for many years to come. At the end of its lifespan, the system is 100% recyclable.


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