How Do Dynamic Wall Motion Systems Work?

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Our KINETICWALL® system is a dynamic façade comprised of movable ‘flapper’ elements that respond to naturally occurring wind patterns. There are a variety of ways that the flappers can be mounted; however, through years of extensive research, we have developed … Read More

What are the Steps for Creating a Dynamic Wall?

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We love Kineticwall projects because they are a collaborative effort between architects, building owners, installers and EXTECH. It takes everyone working together to achieve a unique and successful project! We’ve created this visual map to illustrate how a kinetic facade … Read More

5 Considerations When Installing Glass Skylights

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Glass skylights can provide many benefits when installed in commercial buildings. There are various criteria to consider when planning a glass skylight installation; however, we’ve highlighted the five points that we believe are the most commonly overlooked. While a successful … Read More

TECH Talks – Understanding How Cellular Polycarbonate Glazing Contributes To Daylighting

Q: How Does Cellular Polycarbonate Glazing Contribute to Daylighting?Access to daylighting provides recognized benefits to health and wellness, accuracy and productivity. Research has shown higher job satisfaction, higher test scores and higher sales in buildings designed to maximize daylighting. Reliance on … Read More

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