Façade Considerations to Elevate a Parking Structure

Parking structures play a vital role in urban development. The exterior can offer an opportunity to elevate the overall aesthetic and improve functionality. Going beyond a place to park cars, parking structures can tell a powerful story by incorporating new technologies into the design. Kinetic Facades Kinetic facades, such as EXTECH’s KINETICWALL, respond to nature...Continue reading

LIGHTWALL 3450 - 50MM Polycarbonate Wall System

Unique Applications of Polycarbonate in Architecture & Examples

Polycarbonate has a multitude of uses in architecture, due to its lightweight nature, strength, insulative qualities, and creative opportunities. While some designers prefer translucent FRP systems, the qualities of polycarbonate systems, longevity, and creative control outweigh FRP benefits in many circumstances. Creating Private Interior Spaces Translucent polycarbonate panels can provide natural lighting while maintaining privacy...Continue reading

Sustainability in Manufacturing at EXTECH

Sustainability in Manufacturing

AT EXTECH, we are committed to designing and producing sustainable products for the built environment.  It is known that daylighting products promote long-term well-being of building occupants. We believe that the commitment to sustainability starts at the product design level and  should continue through the manufacturing, installation process, and through the products end of life....Continue reading

Multifunctional Gym -Romania - Dico și Tiganas Architects - photography - Cosmin Dragomir & Alexandra Bendea

Polycarbonate’s Role in Major Daylighting Applications in Europe and Beyond

The use of polycarbonate in building design and construction has increased in popularity in European architecture due to its versatility. Polycarbonate is durable, lightweight, and highly insulative, which makes it ideal for building exteriors. This innovative material is commonly used in gymnasiums, stadiums, and other recreational facilities, in addition to nearly all commercial building applications....Continue reading

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