Let’s Cover It – Translucent Wall System Benefits and Applications

Translucent wall systems have been around for decades, often replacing windows or existing structures.  Buildings began using fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) for daylighting applications in the mid 20th century. FRP systems offered insulation and light transmission that provided benefits where additional light was needed. Towards the late 20th century, polycarbonate structural sheets (PCSS) became available...Continue reading

Let’s Cover It – Canopy System Types, Benefits, and Applications

Canopy systems function as an important element of building exteriors and public spaces. Historically, canopies were used at religious spaces and churches, covering sacred artifacts such as tombs, altars, and statues. Aside from shelter, shading, and curb appeal, canopy systems have a wide range of benefits to building occupants and owners.  When tied into a...Continue reading

Industrial Building Windows

Retrofits & Historical Preservation

EXTECH’s engineering expertise and customizable systems are ideal for retrofit work and historical preservation. Not only are our systems a sustainable alternative to aging technologies, but they ensure long term performance. Since 1975, we've worked to preserve aging technologies by replacing them with modern solutions to keep up with new building code requirements.

Prefabricated systems

The Benefits of Prefabricated Systems

Prefabricated systems (also referred to as factory fabricated systems) have grown in popularity in the construction industry.  Prefabrication is the manufacturing and assembly of a system prior to being transported to the site of installation.  Prefabrication has been used  historically for many years and for various types of infrastructure. At EXTECH, our systems and prefabricated;...Continue reading

2 Parking Facilities Featuring EXTECH Products Receive NPA Innovation Awards

On Monday, Sept. 19, the National Parking Association named its awardees for their Innovation Awards.  Of the winners, 2 parking facilities feature EXTECH products. The City of Hope parking structure "A" was awarded the "Innovative Sustainability Project of the Year."  The City of Hope project features EXTECH's KINETICWALL dynamic façade. LAX received the "Innovative Facility...Continue reading

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