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EXTECH's KINETICWALL is a dynamic moving building façade that creates an eye-catching aesthetic. Made of 6-inch flappers attached to stainless steel rods, the KINETICWALL responds to wind currents and undulates to create the look of rolling waves. The wall is customizable and can be designed to accommodate square or curved polycarbonate, glass, aluminum, or steel flappers. It is structurally designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall, yet it is light enough to enable easy installation, air flow, and visibility from the inside. The KINETICWALL also deflects sunlight, thus preventing solar heat gain, and the spacers between the flappers remove the chance for collateral noise.
KINETICWALL can be used on small- and large-scale façades. It's a popular design choice for a wide range of uses, including cultural institutions, transit facilities, and artistic installations. Due to its aesthetic qualities, the wall can help municipalities save money on Arts in Transit and percent-for-art compliance. KINETICWALL is a state-of-the-art yet economical way to create breathtaking, beautiful designs.
Kinetic Wall Dynamic Façade - EXTECH's KINETICWALL at Pittsburgh's Children's Museum

Further benefits and details

  • Dynamic flappers move with the wind, creating an eye-catching aesthetic that lends itself to 'smart design'
  • Due to its aesthetic qualities, the wall can help save money on Arts in Transit and percent-for-art compliance
  • Customizable; can incorporate a variety of materials including polycarbonate, glass, aluminum, and steel
  • Can be used on small and large-scale façades
  • Light-weight flappers allow for easy installation
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds and rainfall
  • Facilitates easy air flow for ventilation
  • Permits interior visibility
  • Deflects the sun, preventing solar heat gain
  • Spacers between flappers prevent collateral noise
  • LEED credits available for 100% recyclable aluminum and stainless steel flappers and framing
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Case Study: Logan Airport Parking Expansion

Logan Airport Kinetic Wall - Custom Façade

Function and Flair with a Custom Kinetic Façade

Project: Logan Airport Parking Expansion

Location: Boston, MA

Architect: Arrowstreet


The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) was in need of a modern parking facility for their Central Parking Expansion at Logan International Airport.  Because of the facility’s prominent location, they were looking for a contemporary 21st century design – a structure that incorporated sustainable materials and delivered an elegant and dynamic look.

To achieve this, the EXTECH team took inspiration from a façade they had designed for the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum and partnered with Arrowstreet to create a kinetic wall based around 6-inch square curved aluminum ‘flappers’. To provide the visual experience that would elevate the facility from parking station to art installation, EXTECH assembled the flappers into 350 unitized panels to capture the dynamic patterns of the wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean Read more

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