The KINETICWALL is a dynamic wind-driven building façade that creates the appearance of rolling waves. It's eye-catching aesthetic is also lightweight to enable easy installation, air flow, and visibility from the interior. This system is fully customizable to meet your environment and budget requirements, in addition to aesthetic and performance goals.


  • Flappers shape and colors are customizable
  • Unique color-shift options available
  • Multiple material options available
  • Standard flapper configurations include: Rod, Pin, and Drop-In mounted systems
  • Lightweight flappers allow for easy installation
  • Spacers between flappers prevent collateral noise


  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds and rainfall
  • Facilitates easy air flow for ventilation
  • Permits interior visibility
  • Deflects the sun, preventing solar heat gain
  • Due to its aesthetic qualities, it can help save money on (Arts in Transit) and (percent-for-art compliance)


  • Small or large scale facades
  • Transit facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Cultural institutions
  • Artistic installations
  • And more

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