EXTECH's SKYGARD 2500 is a glass skylight system that uses aluminum mullions that can incorporate a variety of glass glazing options. The system is can accommodate glass panels with greater than 9/16-inch thicknesses and optional custom silk-screen patterns and glass coatings provided diffused daylighting while helping to control solar heat gain.

The SKYGARD 2500 glass skylight system is well suited for commercial or industrial projects and can be ordered in a variety of high performance finishes. SKYGARD 2500 is delivered fully fabricated, ready for installation and is made in the U.S.A.

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Features / Benefits

  • Designed for Commercial, Industrial and Architectural use.
  • Accepts glass glazing up to 1-5/16" thick, including monolithic or insulated glass units.
  • Aluminum finish can be anodized, baked-enamel or high-performance PVDF fluoropolymer paint.
  • Available with conventional aluminum cover caps or as a silicon butt glazed system.
  • Condensation and leakage are controlled by separate gutters.
  • Thermally improved framing is available.

  • Air Infiltration per ASTM E-283: 0.010 cfm / sq. ft. at 12 psf
  • Water Infiltration per ASTM D-331: No leakage at 15 psf
  • Structural Test per ASTM E-330: Deflection of less than L/250 at 60 psf

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