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EXTECH’s FLEXI-PANEL is a translucent ceiling panels system that’s functional, stylish, and makes a statement by elegantly diffusing room lighting while allowing ‘easy-hinge’ access to the ceiling area above the panels. This easy access enables swift maintenance while creating a unique look in your design.
Available in a variety of finishes and translucencies and fully customizable, the FLEXI-PANEL is an ideal choice when you want to add a soft touch to your interior lighting.
Translucent Ceiling Panels - EXTECH's FLEXI-PANEL at the University of Florida

Further benefits and details

  • Easy installation - similar to traditional suspended ceiling systems
  • Panels are available in a variety of colors and translucencies
  • Clips are available in several finishes
  • Clips can be installed to produce vertical curves
  • Continuous panels up to 39’ (longer in some cases)
  • Panel widths of 2’ and thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 25mm.
  • 3’3” Panels also available
  • CC-1 per ASTM D-635
  • Class A material per ASTM E-84 available
  • Light weight at less than 1lb/sf
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Case Study: University of Florida Custom Suspended Ceiling

polycarbonate ceiling panels - EXTECH's FLEXI-PANEL for the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL

A Custom Ceiling that Complements the Florida Sunshine

Project: University of Florida Custom Suspended Ceiling

Location: Gainesville, FL

Architect: Ross Barney Architects


When Ross Barney Architects was hired to design the University of Florida’s Library West addition, they wanted an ethereal aesthetic while also respecting the university’s commitment to green technology and sustainability. Because of this, a polycarbonate system was the ideal product for the library’s ceiling – cellular polycarbonate produces diffused light when backlit, and is highly recyclable, thus would help with the project's LEED rating.

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