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EXTECH’s CLEANWALL Porcelain Wall Panels System resists graffiti, vandalism, scratching, chipping, gouging, and other environmental damage with its smooth finishes, rounded corners, enclosed edges, and concealed fasteners. CLEANWALL’s porcelain wall panels and robust aluminum framing creates a durable, flexible, and virtually maintenance-free system allowing for quick and easy installation, individual panel replacement, and easy cleaning. With variable panel sizes, easily adaptable framing, and the performance of porcelain, CLEANWALL is an ideal wall system for transit and public applications.

Further details and benefits

No Match for Vandals

  • Porcelain panel finish is scratch and graffiti resistant, even against permanent marker tags
  • Robust, noncorrosive, heavy-gauge aluminum framing engineered to resist vandalism
  • Eight (8) micron thick porcelain 26ga steel face sheet laminated over ½” cement board with steel backer sheet provides superior impact resistance
  • No unframed porcelain panel edges susceptible to vandalism and chipping

Easy to Use

  • Components can be provided in stick form or prefabricated
  • Nearly zero maintenance
  • Rounded inside and outside corners for improved safety, durability and cleaning
  • Individual panels are removable for:
  • Panel replacement without disturbing adjacent panels
  • Inspection access behind panels (e.g. structural waterproofing, electrical, etc.)
  • Post installation of wiring and through-wall recessed devices
  • Easily installed over a wide variety of substrates
  • Deeper pocket depths and no need for mitered corners, reduce installation costs
  • Allows for repeated installation and removal of adhered advertising films

Designed with Design in Mind

  • Unbroken panel lengths up to 12’
  • Framing can accommodate 1/2,” 3/8,” or 1/4” panels in a variety of widths
  • Available in matching or contrasting finish colors
  • Adaptable to wall openings and varying field conditions
porcelain wall panels - EXTECH's CLEANWALL

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