Architectural design and construction always present unique challenges, no matter what the size of your project. There are hundreds of choices to make, and even more problems to solve – for every beautiful design imagined, the reality of cost, timelines, sustainability, LEED status, and functionality comes into play.

At EXTECH, we understand the task of taking a project from concept to implementation. We partner with architects, building owners, construction managers, and contractors to engineer high-quality solutions that enchant the eye while respecting the bottom line. We believe in working closely with clients to solve challenges, and we’re committed to seeking every engineering avenue possible to deliver on your ideas.

We’ve been presented with many custom design challenges since our inception in 1975 – the following is a selection of some of our most recent custom projects. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into the inventiveness and diligence of the EXTECH team, and demonstrate our commitment to helping you create every tower, pantheon, and pagoda you imagine.