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EXTECH’s SKYGARD 3700 industrial skylight system is a does-it-all aluminum framed skylight designed to be self-supporting and will span large openings. Specially designed for cellular polycarbonate, this skylight also accepts glass. Its unique stainless steel pin mounting system makes it incredibly easy for connection of horizontal to vertical framing.
SKYGARD 3700 industrial skylights control leakage and condensation with integral gutters, and the “pressure equalized” design aids in water penetration control.
When integrated with polycarbonate panels, the SKYGARD 3700 resists high wind and snow loads.  It can be used in a wide range of configurations, including Single Slope, Ridge Types (A Frame), Pyramid Type, Ridges with Hipped edges, Custom Configurations, and Vertical Applications.
Industrial Skylights - EXTECH's SKYGARD 3700

Further details and benefits

  • Designed to be self-supporting and can span large opening
  • Will accept glazing up to 1" thick
  • Finish on aluminum framing can be your choice of anodized or high-performance factory baked paints
  • Simple connection of horizontal to vertical framing using unique stainless steel pin mounting system
  • Deep glazing pockets (rabbet depth) allow thermal movement of thermoplastic glazings
  • Leakage and condensation are controlled by separate gutters
  • “Pressure equalized” design aids in water infiltration control
  • Overlapping joinery allows for dimensional variations and provides excellent air & water infiltration resistance
  • “Dry Glazed” - incorporates low friction gasketing to maintain good air & water infiltration seal, while allowing for thermal movement of thermoplastic glazing and reducing noise caused by the movement of the glazing
  • Thermally Improved - incorporates vinyl spacers which separate the ‘exterior’ framing from the ‘interior’ framing
  • Optional cosmetic cover caps
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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