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EXTECH's GRIDLOCK is a glass block grid system that “snaps in” – no mortar, glue, or tape necessary. This snap-in technology delivers shorter installation times - you can remove and replace a block in under 2 minutes, since there is no need to wait for adhesive to dry. This limits disruptions to pedestrian traffic, and simplifies the installation process because no masonry is required.
The GRIDLOCK mortarless glass block system utilizes lightweight, prefabricated aluminum frames that are also easily and quickly installed – a huge advancement over traditional mortar and heavy pre-glazed systems. A variety of framing patterns and finishes allow you to create stylish structures that lock in long-term performance.
GRIDLOCK is great for industrial and transit applications, and can be used for windscreens, shelters, partitions, and even accent walls. The system utilizes 2-inch thick glass blocks, which are nearly unbreakable, provide superior graffiti resistance, and deliver the safety and comfort of daylighting.

Further benefits and details

  • Solid glass blocks (2” thickness) are nearly unbreakable
  • Individual 8”x 8” (nominal) glass block units simply snapped and permanently “locked” into place
  • Simple block “snap-in to replace” eliminates need to remove sealants or adhesives
  • Creative Art-in-Transit opportunities. (i.e. unlimited framing colors, etched or back screened glass blocks)
  • Anodized or painted rigid aluminum framing, provides unmatched durability and vandal resistance
  • Glass offers superior graffiti resistance and natural daylighting
  • Provides high degree of visual clarity for safety and security
  • Nearly zero maintenance - simple pressure wash cleaning
  • No ledges to collect dirt and debris
  • Unlike mortared systems, joints will not deteriorate, effloresce, build-up dirt or discolor
  • Fully gasketed joints
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Optional bond patterns available
  • Light-weight, pre-fabricated aluminum frames are easily and quickly installed versus traditional mortar or heavy pre-glazed systems
  • Can be adapted to various existing opening sizes
  • Capable of long structural spans
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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