Case Study: Buffalo Convention Center Backlit Facade

Buffalo Convention Center | 153 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202

  • Owner: Buffalo Convention Center
  • Architect: Trautman  Associates
  • General Contractor: Rodriguez Construction Group
  • Installer – Translucent Walls: Sterling Glass
  • Manufacturer – Translucent Wall System: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc.

Buffalo Convention Center Renovation Shines with New Façade

The newly renovated Buffalo Convention Center in the heart of Buffalo, NY has quickly become a community landmark with its new exterior LED-lit façade. The renovation project, designed by architects Trautman Associates, features a signature façade using custom engineered and fabricated  LIGHTWALL 3440® — a durable, innovative polycarbonate translucent wall system produced by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. which can be backlit to produce various lighting, graphic, or other aesthetic effects.

The new 27,000 square-foot façade—the equivalent of nearly .62 acres—was customized for the convention center exterior design dimensions. In the design phase, EXTECH worked with the architect and their construction consultant to provide engineering assistance and custom fabrication to ensure the LIGHTWALL 3440® system would integrate with the face of the building and install seamlessly.

“Polycarbonate is an exceptional material for backlighting, not only diffusing light to eliminate glare but also creating a captivating, lantern-like glow. This innovative use of polycarbonate in façades represents a significant leap forward in architectural design, merging aesthetics with functionality to set new benchmarks in the industry,” remarked Richard Rodgers, General Manager at EXTECH.

The building’s façade features a simple, interlocking 40mm thick polycarbonate design that’s durable and UV-protected to keep its color. Its insulated frame reduces heat loss, boosting energy efficiency, and has a sleek, clear finish.

In a recent report by Spectrum News, Buffalo, Patrick Kaler, President and CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara, expressed the significance of the project. “The improvements at this facility, which is the oldest convention center in the United States, are very important to keeping the meetings and convention business thriving in our community,” said Kaler.

The renovation, highlighted by the striking exterior façade, also modernized the entrance, lobby, and interior finishes. Completed in October 2023, with final touches by December, the project has comprehensively transformed the convention center.


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