Case Study: 5th & Atwood Street Station

Owner: Port Authority of Allegheny County; Pittsburgh, PA

Architect: Greg Maynes, Moshier Studio; Pittsburgh

Photographer: Dave Bryce Photography

Glass Fabricator: Viracon; Owatonna, Minnesota

Engineer, Fabricator, Installer: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.; Pittsburgh

System: SKYSHADE 2500®

Pittsburgh’s new transit station, located at 5th Avenue and Atwood Street, features a glass canopy and custom aluminum framing system engineered, fabricated, and installed by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. (EXTECH).

The design of the canopy avoided utility lines and effectively shed water into the gutter system. The gutter system and downspout, engineered by EXTECH, was integral to the aluminum framing.

EXTECH engineered the entire system while also proposing a solution that would require the Port Authority to do less maintenance. The design also made the canopy system more economical to install and effective at managing precipitation.

EXTECH provided a mock-up for the architect’s and owner’s preview to verify that the system would perform to the high expectations and appearance. After approval, EXTECH fully fabricated the canopy and then shipped the components to the job site, allowing for quick installation.

The glass used allows light in without the unwanted solar heat, but due to the weather, more lighting was necessary. To add to the brightness of the station, LEDs were incorporated along the glass edge.

The custom aluminum framing that supports the class was finished in a Class I clear anodize while the steel support columns were finished in white. The design of the canopy was unique but as to not conflict with surrounding architecture, the natural pallet was intentional.

The new station at 5th Avenue and Atwood street helps deliver outstanding transportation services.


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