Case Study: Boston Logan International Airport Hangars

Logan International Airport Hangars, Logan International Airport, Boston, MA

Architect: Fennick McCredit Architecture
Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority
Photography: William Horne

The Massachusetts Port Authority needed to renovate two maintenance hangars at Boston’s Logan International Airport with materials that could withstand the intense winters and harsh environment of aviation. This meant delivering good thermal performance, optimal insulating value, and long-term energy cost savings, along with speedy instillation, as to impact flight schedules as little as possible.

The design had alternating opal and clear panels, and unique sloped doors with 3 story tall polycarbonate corners, allowing to reduce energy cost and providing light to maintain operations. EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440 was selected due to its non-yellowing, translucent panels that provide optimal light and efficient operation of the sliding doors.

The hangar facades were required to be strong and durable while also lightweight and flexible. Special reinforced clips, with the ability to handle test loads in excess of 100 P.S.F., provided the durability and flexibility required for the hangars. EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440 system is light weight, allowing for cost reduction in hardware, and is resilient to the wake turbulence from engine startup.

The renovated hangars of the Boston Logan Airport have endured tough winters while allowing natural light, energy savings, and impact resistance that EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440 was able to provide.


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