Cellular Polycarbonate Daylighting Systems

 EXTECH’s cellular polycarbonate panels feature a UV-reflecting coextrusion on both sides. Polycarbonate panels reject UV light while passing the rest of the spectrum as soft, diffused light and offering a new level of colorfastness and longevity.  

Unique treatments are available for different applications such as:

  • UV Matte, coextruded with a matte finish to diffuse light, remove glare and reflections 
  • AR Anti-Glare, frosted coextrusion that diffuses sunlight and improves visual comfort
  • IR Solar Control, reduces internal temperature, keeping building occupants comfortable 

Our daylighting systems are fully tested for optimal performance, meeting your design goals and building codes.

Flammability Testing:
Self-Ignition, Smoke Density, Burn Extent, Interior Flame Spread ✔

Weathering Testing:
Color Change, Yellowing Index, Light Transmission ✔ 

Structural Testing:
Air Infiltration, Water Infiltration, Load Bearing Capacity, U-Value ✔  

Polycarbonate Uses, Benefits, and Performance Guide