Case Study: FID Kennedy Revitalization

25 FID Kennedy; 25 Fid Kennedy Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Owner: Boston Planning & Development Agency
Architect:Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype Inc.
General Contractor: Consigli Contracting
Translucent Wall System Manufacturer: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.; Pittsburgh

Built in the 1940s for the US Navy – the 25 FID Kennedy building has been used for different purposes over the years. Despite its massive size and location right off the water in south Boston, the building had remained vacant since the 1970s. In 2016, contractor J.C. Cannistraro proposed to move their manufacturing, design, and maintenance business to this 141,425 sq. foot facility.

Because of its age and remaining vacant for many years, the building required some maintenance, including windows. Replacating the exterior of the facade without taking away the original character was a design challenge easily overcome with
EXTECH’s customizable systems and expertise.

To preserve the historic exterior of the building and compliment the corrugated look, EXTECH modified the LIGHTWALL 3440 to include faux mullions at the vertical panel joints. To further emulate the industrial era the building was built in, a bi-color green polycarbonate panel was used for the exterior and opal for the interior.

EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440 features tongue and groove panels that snap together for a clean appearance. The 40mm panels provide excellent insulation and light diffusion, without sacrificing the natural sunlight.

In total, 12,767 sq. ft. of windows were installed to replace the 39 openings. The building’s renovation allows the historic building to live on, and create new jobs for the Boston area.


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