Case Study: GA Aquarium KINETICWALL

GA Aquarium Entry Kinetic Façade | Atlanta, GA

Owner: Georgia Aquarium Inc.
Architect: PGAV Inc.
KINETICWALL Manufacturer: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.

GA Aquarium Kinetic Façade

Georgia Aquarium recently completed its latest round of renovations, revealing a new entrance and exhibits.  The recent renovations included a 796 SF KINETICWALL, manufactured by EXTECH.

The KINETICWALL manufactured installed for GA Aquarium features custom kinetic elements shaped like fish scales. The aluminum kinetic elements are anodized with a clear finish, and the rungs and rails are finished with a deep blue to match the surrounding area.

The panel assemblies vary, from 5 flappers wide by up to 22 flappers high in the tallest portions.

A focal point for visitors, the KINETICWALL draws attention to the building and mimics the scales of a fish. The KINETICWALL ripples with turbulence,  creating a visual effect similar to light hitting fish scales when swimming through the ocean.


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