Case Study: Hudson Yards Open-Air KINETICWALL

“The Set” at Hudson Yards | 451 10th Avenue New York, NY 10018

  • Architect: March & White Design (MAWD) & Handel Architects
  • General Contractor: Related Construction LLC
  • Kinetic Design Artist: Ned Kahn
  • Installing Contractor – KINETICWALL: Crown Sign Systems Inc.
  • Manufacturer – KINETICWALL System: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc.
  • Photography: Courtesy of Ned Kahn
  • Experience the movement: watch KINETICWALL come alive here.

Rooftop KINETICWALL overlooks NYC’s Hudson River

One of NYC’s newest luxury residential high-rise buildings in Manhattan’s upscale Hudson Yards neighborhood, “The Set”, recently opened featuring an architectural art installation using EXTECH’s KINETICWALL®— an innovative, moving, wind-driven building façade system.

Located on the 43rd level of the 45-story apartment building, the 944 square-foot artistic wall was designed by environmental artist Ned Kahn and created with a custom engineered KINETICWALL® manufactured by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. The 38’3” L x 24’8” H feature is the highest vertical installation by EXTECH to date and, as touted by “The Set” website, is the icon of the building’s “private social club 43 stories into the sky”.

In his work, Kahn explores themes of air, water, and fire and demonstrates them through unique mechanisms; his designs are often displayed through building façades. To bring Kahn’s vision to life, the KINETICWALL® system responds to wind currents, creating the look of rolling waves across the wall.

“Collaborating with Ned Kahn on kinetic projects has not only led to numerous landmark installations but has also profoundly pushed the boundaries of architectural design. Kahn’s visionary approach has enabled us to integrate motion and art into building façades in ways that redefine urban landscapes. This latest installation at ‘The Set’ exemplifies how art and engineering can come together to create something truly groundbreaking, setting new standards for innovation in our industry,” remarked Kevin Smith, President of EXTECH.

“The Set” KINETICWALL® features 28 panels composed of moving 6-inch squares. These panels vary in size and are carefully mounted to create a seamless, flowing surface. To enhance their visual impact, artist Ned Kahn and the architect chose a special coating that changes color from silver to deep champagne based on how light hits the panels.

The pin-mount kinetic suspension system provides a continuous unbroken ‘surface’ of kinetic elements that cover the supporting structure. The wall system also accommodates a 90-degree range of motion which provides a more economical price point than rod-mount suspensions. This system was pre-assembled at EXTECH’s Pittsburgh, PA facility where it was mounted to aluminum framing in grid sections, ready for attachment to the building structure.

Located at 451 10th Avenue, New York, NY, “The Set” features 270 rental units with several amenities. Installation of the KINETICWALL®  was completed in fall of 2023 with the opening of occupancy for the new building. “The Set” was designed by Handel Architects and March & White Design. The general contractor for the project was Related Construction, LLC with the KINETICWALL®  installation completed by Crown Sign Systems, Inc.



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