LAX Translucent Parking Canopies

Case Study: LAX Parking Escalator Canopies

LAWA ITF West Expansion - Economy Parking Garage; 6100 W 94th St, Los Angeles, CA, 90045
Owner: LAX; Los Angeles World Airports
Architect: Gensler & Watry Design Inc.
Contractor: Swinerton Builders
Installer: Sherrin Glass & Metal
Canopy System Manufacturer: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.
Photography: Pablo Mason

Los Angeles Airport embarked upon a large expansion to efficiently move people throughout the airport to their gates, provide additional parking, and provide the airport with up to date infrastructure.  The Economy Parking Facility was constructed to provide additional parking stalls, including EV charging.   The ITF West expansion connects travelers who park at the garage with an automated people mover train (set to open in 2023) and pedestrian bridges.

The 1,730,000 sq. ft. garage, opened in late 2021, plays a crucial role in connecting people to one of the busiest airports in the U.S. The 4-story garage features escalators, protected by 4 massive 139' x 36' polycarbonate canopy systems.

EXTECH's SKYSHADE 3700 low slope canopy systems, chosen for this project, feature 8" x 3" aluminum rafters surface mounted to the canopy structure.  Drip-edge flashing was provided by EXTECH at the sill.  The system features popular UV resistant 25mm translucent opal polycarbonate.  Its milky white color provides 49% LT and 0.62 shading coefficient.  Among the many benefits of polycarbonate canopies, the system is class A fire rated.

The SKYSHADE 3700 canopies were factory fabricated for a smooth installation.  A mock-up and engineering structural calculations were provided prior to installation.

LAX's Economy Parking Facility, winner of NPA's innovative facility of the year award, is now open to the public.


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