Industrial Windows | 207th Street Repair Facility, Manhattan NY

207th Street Repair Facility Project Details

Location: Upper Manhattan, NYC

Architect: New York City Transit Authority

System: TECHVENT 5300

This project was at a large maintenance facility for New York City Transit. We replaced the deteriorated commercial windows with EXTECH's patented TECHVENT 5300, continuous Top-Hinged polycarbonate window system. The bottom halves in each bay were fixed and the top halves operated in 150 ft. long wings. Rack and pinion operating hardware made that possible. The building was so large that the new EXTECH windows, if placed side to side, would stretch over four miles.

Benefits and details of the TECHVENT 5300 include:

  • Provides natural light and massive natural ventilation. Does much more than a louver
  • Patented top-hinged design allows operating windows to be left open during normal rainfall
  • Operated manually or electrically (with optional control systems)
  • Optional thermally-broken framing
  • Robust construction holds up to abusive industrial environments
  • Accepts glass or polycarbonate up to 1" thick
  • Available with Class A thermoplastic glazing attaining up to an R-3.8 insulating factor
  • Finish on aluminum framing can be your choice of anodized or high-performance factory baked paints
  • Continuous units — factory assembled sections feature interlocking vertical mullions. Can be installed as smaller units
  • Deep glazing pockets (rabbet depth) accommodate thermal movement of thermoplastic glazing
  • "Dry glazed" —low friction gasketing to maintain good air and water infiltration seals, while allowing for thermal movement of the thermoplastic glazing
  • Can be incorporated into other EXTECH wall systems
  • Fast installation from the exterior or interior, allowing for minimal disruption to building operations
  • Can be installed on a slope to form operating skylights
  • Vents available in individual units or in "wings" up to 150'0" wide
  • Typical height of top-hinged windows is 3-8' tall
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Operating hardware:
    • Manual push bar type
    • Manual mechanical operators (chain pull or hand crank — rack and pinion type)
    • Electric mechanical operators
    • Standard push-out with cam handles
Industrial Windows in NYC
Industrial Windows in NYC
Industrial Windows in NYC
Industrial Windows in NYC