Industrial Windows | Domino Sugar Building, Baltimore MD

Domino Sugar Building Project Details

Location: Baltimore, MD

Designer: Domino (Engineering Manager) & EXTECH

System: TECHVENT 5300

This is a typical EXTECH replacement of steel sash with aluminum framed fixed and top-hinged windows - EXTECH's TECHVENT 5300 industrial polycarbonate windows system. 16mm cellular polycarbonate was used in these aluminum frames and the vent windows were operated by internal steel shafting driving articulated cast iron arms. This system can be operated either manually or electrically with an optional control system available, and it is available with thermally broken framing.

EXTECH installed all of these windows while the plant continued to operate. The TECHVENT 5300 is available in both glass an polycarbonate, and it's a highly durable system, even in the most demanding environments.

Industrial windows for factory
Industrial Windows in Baltimore
Industrial Windows at Domino Sugar in Baltimore
Old broken windows
EXTECH's TECHVENT 5300 for the Domino Sugar Factory