Translucent Panels | Grand Haven State Park, Grand Haven MI

Grand Haven State Park Project Details

Location: Grand Haven, MI

Architects: Michigan DNRE

System: LIGHTWALL 3440

EXTECH's LIGHTWALL 3440 Tongue and Groove cellular polycarbonate panels system was used for the clerestory of this building. Note that no vertical mullions are required.

The architect's use of the LIGHTWALL 3440 for the Grand Haven State Park's recreation area was in line with the park's commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable development. The translucent polycarbonate panels are 100% recyclable, and allow the building to harness the power of natural daylight - this cuts down on the use of electricity for artificial lighting.

In addition to the sustainability benefits, the LIGHTWALL 3440 offers high-impact resistance, low friction gaskets for long lifespan, and complete air, water, and structural testing.

Polycarbonate wall panels for recreation
Translucent Wall System in MI
Translucent Wall System in MI
Translucent Wall System in MI