Translucent Panels | Simpson Strong Tie, San Luis Obispo, CA

Simpson Strong Tie Project Details

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Architect: OMNI design Group

System: LIGHTWALL 3440

For the Simpson Strong Tie Materials Demonstration Lab, the architect wanted a smooth, translucent wall for the manufacturing area.

EXTECH's 1-1/2" thick Tongue and Groove system worked perfectly and installed very quickly. The result was soft, diffused, natural light for the interior. The LIGHTWALL 3440 translucent walls system delivered the diffused light that minimizes glare and solar heat gain but illuminates the interior - this natural illumination enabled savings on energy costs.

Ease of installation, lower energy costs, and minimized glare are several benefits of the LIGHTWALL 3440 translucent wall system. Other benefits include high-impact resistance and durability, low-friction gaskets that increase the system's lifespan, and 100% recyclability.

Structural translucent wall system
Structural translucent wall system