ZD Wines Barn Project Details

Location: Napa, CA

Architect: Leong Architects

System: LIGHTWALL 3440

Leong Architects designed this barn for ZD's Carneros Estate Vineyard. Amidst the California wildflowers, 23 acres of Chardonnay, and 6 acres of Pinot Noir sits this rustic barn, which was designed to be eco-friendly and built with environmentally friendly materials. EXTECH's LIGHTWALL 3440 polycarbonate facade system was used because it aligned with the sustainable design intent; it is 100% recyclable. The diffused quality of the polycarbonate panels delivers soft light that provides an ethereal ambiance. 

EXTECH fully fabricated the system before shipment. The gaskets were installed, the holes were pre-drilled, and the polycarbonate glazing was cut to size with sealed ends. 

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