Case Study: University of Florida Custom Suspended Ceiling

A Custom Ceiling that Complements the Florida Sunshine

Project: University of Florida Custom Suspended Ceiling

Location: Gainesville, FL

Architect: Ross Barney Architects


When Ross Barney Architects was hired to design the University of Florida’s Library West addition, they wanted an ethereal aesthetic while also respecting the university’s commitment to green technology and sustainability. Because of this, a polycarbonate system was the ideal product for the library’s ceiling – cellular polycarbonate produces diffused light when backlit, and is highly recyclable, thus would help with the project's LEED rating.

Ross Barney Architects envisioned a ceiling system that emanated a gentle touch – being that their design was for a university library, a welcoming and calming ambiance was the goal. A suspended translucent ceiling would deliver the soft touch they were after, and EXTECH was instrumental in taking their design from concept to creation.


EXTECH’s engineers detailed mounting hardware similar to traditional suspended ceiling systems, but with the added feature of “easy hinge” access. “Easy hinge” allows for quick access to the ceiling areas above the suspended panels, simplifying routine maintenance on electric lighting and other overhead systems.

Through EXTECH’s engineering expertise and contribution to the design, the University of Florida ended up with a library that is filled with the glow of the Florida sunshine when the sunlight reflects from the suspended ceiling, and diffused illumination of electric light when nighttime comes and students are up studying for finals.

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