EXTECH’s KINETICWALL Featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

"With the emphasis on 'smart design,' the garage expansion needed to work efficiently, but also be a memorable facility. We want to bring glamour to travel."

- Sam Sleiman, Director of Capital Programs for the Massachusetts Port Authority, from the September 2016 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine

In the September 2016 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine, Thomas J. Smith profiled the Massachusetts Port Authority's (Massport) Logan Airport Parking Expansion and the use of EXTECH's KINETICWALL.


The Logan Airport Parking Expansion posed a number of challenges for all parties involved, including a short schedule, constrained construction times to accommodate the neighboring Hilton Hotel guests, and the need to adhere to Massport's design philosophy for major capital projects. Smith writes:

"Specifically, Massport wanted the exterior façade of the addition to break up the visual impact of BOS' massive Central Garage. Officials did not want the expansion to look like a 'chunk of concrete' standing in the middle of an airport, recalls [Massport's Director of Capital Programs Sam] Sleiman. Furthermore, a well-designed façade was needed to assure Hilton management that garage customers would not be looking directly into the hotel and vehicle headlights would not be shining into guest rooms."

Though Massport originally asked Arrowstreet, the architects that designed the expansion, to utilize a screen to create a visual barrier, Arrowstreet decided to come up with a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

"We challenged ourselves to make it something people would be interested in looking at," [David] Bois, [Principal at Arrowstreet] recalls. "It would be more than just attractive, but something that would catch your interest-like watching waves or smoke."

Thus, the designers decided to utilize EXTECH's KINETICWALL.

"We worked together through the drawings and working mockups to develop the final design," explains Kevin Smith, [EXTECH's] Director of Product Application and Development. "They were interested in opaque, curved flappers. We went through a series of recommendations regarding construction, flapper materials and finishes."

You can read more of Airport Improvement Magazine's coverage on their website.

To find out more about KINETICWALL, see the product page, read our case study on the Logan Airport Parking Expansion, or feel free to contact us.

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