Partner Spotlight: Linetec

Get to know our finishing partner, Linetec.

Located in Wausau, WI, Linetec has over 40 years specializing in architectural metal finishing and has partnered with EXTECH on many projects nationwide. Linetec is the nation’s largest independent architectural metals finishing company, and provides reliable finishes with exceptional quality.

Partner Spotlight - Linetec

About Linetec and the industry

Could you tell us about your company’s history?

Linetec was founded in 1983 by our parent company, Apogee Enterprises, to fulfill a niche in coating of architectural products. There was increased demand by architects for windows of different colors, and hardly anyone was specializing in this area.

Through strategic development, planned growth and continuous improvement, we have become the nation’s largest architectural paint and anodizing finisher. We continue to leverage our strengths, products and people to deliver industry-leading reliability, exceptional quality and superior service for our customers.

What is unique about Linetec and the industry you are in?

Linetec provides architectural aluminum products manufacturers with a single source solution for high-quality, high-performance architectural finishing and value-added services.

Linetec works with customers across the country, finishing such products as aluminum windows, wall systems, doors, hardware and other architectural metal components, as well as automotive and manufactured consumer goods.

Our customers have a choice of high-performance fluoropolymer paint and eco-friendly anodize coatings. In addition to the 60,000 paint colors in our library, we offer custom options and specialty finishes, such as Copper Anodize, Wood Grain finishes and textured Terra Cotta coatings.

Our customers also benefit from our thermal improvement services, stretch forming, on-site repair and restoration, quick-ship finished flat sheet, and other services.

How does your company keep up with the latest industry trends and sustainability?

Continuous improvement, environmental responsibility, and coaching and training are among Linetec’s core values.

We listen closely to our customers, their clients and our trusted partners. We engage in ongoing and proprietary research to anticipate the market’s needs and offer thoughtful solutions. We support sustainable, resilient, durable buildings through innovative, energy-efficient equipment and green business practices that conserve resources, reduce waste and improve our environment.

Our industry associations and publications also help us keep up with the latest trends. Linetec and its associates are members of the Aluminum Anodizers Council, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA), the National Glass Association (NGA), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). We also participate in conferences and learning opportunities with local AIA, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and USGBC chapters.

In addition to investing in our own professional development, our team of industry-leading experts enjoys sharing its knowledge through presentations, exhibitions and publications, and meeting with product manufacturers, specifiers and architects.

Partnering with EXTECH

What is your experience working with EXTECH?

For more than a decade, Linetec has proudly served as EXTECH’s architectural aluminum finisher of choice. While we frequently finish EXTECH’s aluminum framing and window systems in clear anodize, it’s always exciting to collaborate on complex and colorful projects.

We appreciate EXTECH’s interest in the new and unique finishing technologies that Linetec provides. Recently, we have worked together to finish an innovative EXTECH cladding system showcasing our terra cotta, textured architectural coatings on aluminum wall panels for a commuter transit center in Fairfax, Virginia. The finished aluminum provides the desired, natural clay-colored appearance and stone-like texture with the advantages of metal and fluoropolymer (PVDF) coatings. These durable painted finishes meet the requirements of the most stringent performance specification standard, AAMA 2605. Compared with actual terra cotta, the finished aluminum can be easily formed in a large variety of shapes and sizes, can be delivered in a short lead time, and is lighter weight for a faster installation. EXTECH’s panelized system helps save additional time and costs, while accommodating each project’s unique specification requirements.

Last year, we finished 111,692 individual metal flappers in 35 different colors for the wind-activated EXTECH KINETICWALL system. This massive, moving mural creatively conceals a four-level, 520,000-square-foot parking garage for a global technology company in Mountain View, California.

In 2016, we worked together on another KINETICWALL installation at Boston’s Logan International Airport’s parking garage extension consisting of more than 48,000 anodized aluminum flapper panels.

EXTECH’s unique, dynamic façade projects demonstrate how visual beauty and innovative technology can be combined to form a result where the whole is more impressive than the sum of its parts.

Continuing Education

Linetec is happy to offer EXTECH’s customers access to our two online, on-demand, video AIA-approved Continuing Education Series (CES) courses:

Chicago’s Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571 also was completed in 2016. Designed by Studio Gang Architects, the 19,003-square-foot, one-story, two-building facility features EXTECH LIGHTWALL 3440 as a translucent transom. In addition to supporting energy-efficient daylighting goals, Linetec finished the aluminum framing in a 70% PVDF resin-based coating to contribute to the project’s weather-ability, durability, sustainability and low-maintenance longevity.

  • “Architectural Design Opportunities: Utilizing high-performance coatings,” which describes paint and anodize application processes for architectural aluminum products along with new design and customization opportunities.
  • “Architectural Coatings: Weathering, performance and application of high-performance coatings,” which details weathering performance and sustainable goals of architectural PVDF paints, baked enamels, powder coating and anodize finishes including the strengths and weaknesses of each when applied to aluminum building products.

To take our online AIA/CES courses, visit Learn with Linetec at and complete the simple registration form. A profile will be automatically generated for registered users to immediately begin learning. The video format allows users to pause and progress through sequential lessons and then take a brief quiz after completing the coursework. Upon passing, users will automatically have the opportunity to download a completion certificate. If AIA/CES credit is requested, Linetec will process the submission.

Location: 7500 Stewart Ave., Wausau, Wisconsin 55401


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