LIGHTWALL 3450 - 50MM Polycarbonate Wall System

Unique Applications of Polycarbonate in Architecture & Examples

Polycarbonate has a multitude of uses in architecture, due to its lightweight nature, strength, insulative qualities, and creative opportunities. While some designers prefer translucent FRP systems, the qualities of polycarbonate systems, longevity, and creative control outweigh FRP benefits in many circumstances.

Creating Private Interior Spaces

Translucent polycarbonate panels can provide natural lighting while maintaining privacy in office space, recreation centers, and healthcare facilities.

Creative Light Diffusion

Polycarbonate skylights can bring zenith lighting into spaces while diffusing the sun's rays without glare. Polycarbonate can be formed to a radius or used in a variety of configurations. Polycarbonate can even be used as a cost-effective lay light and suspended ceiling applications to provide light diffusion without replacing original skylights or harsh overhead lights.

Backlit Focal Point of Interest

Because of its light diffusion, polycarbonate walls are the perfect canvas for beacons/focal points of interest. They capture interest, help identify a brand, and create a community landmark.

Distinctive Canopy Shapes

Canopy systems can creatively draw attention to a space, assist with wayfinding, and provide comfort to building occupants.  Because of the lightweight nature of polycarbonate and aluminum, less structural support may be needed, keeping costs down. Panels can be installed diagonally for a unique appearance, can be curved to a radius, or  aligned to create unique shapes.

Screen Walls

Backlit polycarbonate screen walls can be used to mask maintenance equipment on high rise buildings while making an impact.

Showcasing Graphics and Branding

Available with anti-reflective finishes, polycarbonate translucent walls can be an even, glowing canvas for branding signage and graphics.

Industrial Retrofits

For industrial buildings and retrofits, polycarbonate translucent walls are a cost-effective way to provide daylight and insulation into older buildings. Whether it's through an overglazing systems or providing an entirely new window system,  polycarbonate has many uses in retrofits. It's important to note that rabbet depths for polycarbonate differ from other glazing types and may require horizontals based upon opening size and span loads. Our daylighting experts are here to assist with system integration.

Have a project in mind using polycarbonate systems?  We hope to help inspire your creativity and answer your questions for a seamless integration through the project execution process.

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