The Pittsburgh Children's Museum KINETICWALL Project Details

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Architect: Koning-Eizenberg Architecture
Artist: Ned Kahn

This project was a challenge of the type which EXTECH likes.  The vision of the artist called for a dynamic building facade made from small elements capable of flapping on a windy day.  EXTECH designed a system - which later became our KINETICWALL - that accomplished this goal. We used over 39,000 flappers made of a special acrylic resin and with Teflon bushings. They were fitted onto 1/2" diameter stainless steel rods.

That assembly was fastened to an aluminum space frame system, which was also furnished by EXTECH. In fact, EXTECH was involved in the design, fabrication, and installation of this award-winning project.

On a windy day, it provides a dynamic façade.

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