Custom Building Facade | Grand Avenue Bus Depot, New York NY

Grand Avenue Bus Depot Project Details

Location: New York, NY

Architects: diDomenico + Partners

System: Custom Steel and Aluminum Façade

The Grand Avenue Bus Depot is the world’s largest bus maintenance facility, owned and operated by New York City Transit Authority. EXTECH was proud to be a part of this project as we have partnered with NYCTA on many projects. We continue to serve NYCTA on various projects throughout the city. As part of this history of partnership, EXTECH was instrumental in the Grand Avenue Bus Depot exterior project.

diDomenico + Partners designed the Grand Avenue Bus depot with it being the first “green” bus facility of its kind. It adheres to Environmental Management Systems ISO14001 specifications including state-of-the-art designs, systems and materials. The 500,000 sq. ft. facility houses storage, fueling, washing, painting, and mechanical operations all under one roof. This accommodates indoor storage for approximately 200 buses and simultaneous repairs for 27. The project includes administrative offices and employee amenities including a roof-top employee parking lot which ensures minimal impact on the neighborhood. This project won the New York Construction Management Top Project Award.

EXTECH furnished and installed a custom facade polycarbonate curtain wall on 2 sides of this building using our system #3700. We also custom designed mullions that were fastened 2’ on center. The translucent cellular polycarbonate panels spanned up to 12’ high. What made this system truly unique was the fact that it is a curtainwall system that is compatible with both metal and cellular polycarbonate. EXTECH also made metal flashing which adapted to the existing metal siding.

Custom facade NYC
custom aluminum facade new york city transit authority
Custom facade NYC
Custom facade NYC
Custom facade NYC transit