Custom Building Facade | NYCTA 231st Station Renovation, New York NY

NYCTA 231st Station Renovation

Location: New York, NY

Architect: NYCTransit Project Architects

System: Custom Steel and Aluminum Façade

EXTECH manufactures custom facades made from metal wall panels for buildings like this and has been making such wall systems for New York City Transit for many years.

The 231st Street Station was a special challenge. We were asked to duplicate the appearance of the original 1908 façade. Originally it had been done with wood. We were asked to do it using 18 gauge steel panels and aluminum extrusions. We made six new aluminum extrusions to duplicate the historic shapes, had some curved to copy the round inset panels and assembled the entire array in a watertight fashion. One of the attached detail photos gives some feeling for the intricacy of the wall construction.

Custom facade for NYC transit
Custom facade for NYC transit
Custom facade renovation for NYC transit