Commercial Canopy | Copper Canyon School, Tooele UT

Copper Canyon School Project Details

Location: Tooele, UT

System: SKYSHADE 3100

EXTECH's SKYSHADE 3100 Standing Seam system was able to be cold-curved for this polycarbonate canopy. EXTECH's SKYSHADE 3100 is a standing seam canopy that offers continuous battens that snap over panel edges to form seams. It provides daylighting, UV screening, and impact resistance. Long panels eliminate the need for horizontal interruptions in the glazing and can be cold-formed to a radius (unlike glass).

The SKYSHADE 3100 commercial canopy is built with the most advanced aluminum perimeter framing system in the industry. EXTECH’s framing system uses low friction gaskets that accommodate the thermal movement that is inherent to polycarbonate panels of any significant length. This eliminates noise from thermal movement and provides for a longer system lifespan.

The blue panels are a standard color, but we offer polycarbonate glazing that comes in a variety of colors and translucencies.

Polycarbonate Canopies in UT
Polycarbonate Canopies in UT