Commercial Canopy | Kent County International Airport, Grand Rapids MI

Kent County International Airport Project Details

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Architects: HOK Inc.

System: SKYSHADE 3700

At the Grand Rapids, MI airport, HOK Inc. wanted a canopy over the entry passenger loading area. They asked that the outer edge of the canopy be "light" in appearance. EXTECH achieved the light feel with our SKYSHADE 3700 by tapering the rafters and designing a thin extruded aluminum edging that was silicone to the ends of the panels.

EXTECH’s SKYSHADE 3700 is a versatile industrial canopy system that accepts polycarbonate panels and glass. Designed to be self-supporting, the SKYSHADE 3700’s aluminum pressure caps and rafter extrusions allow for medium and long span conditions. The system utilizes EXTECH’s unique stainless steel pin mounting system, making it incredibly easy for connection of horizontal to vertical framing.  Our framing system controls leakage and condensation with integral gutters, and possesses a “pressure equalized” design, both features that aid in water penetration control.

Industrial Canopies in MI
Industrial Canopies in MI
Industrial Canopies in MI