Industrial Skylights | Charles Center Station, Baltimore MD

Charles Center Station Project Details

Location: Baltimore, MD

Architect: Marks, Thomas and Associates, Inc.

System: SKYGARD 3700

At this subway entry canopy in Baltimore, EXTECH designed and fabricated curved industrial skylights to match the curvature of the metal canopy roofing using our SKYGARD 3700 system.  This job illustrates how easy it is to cold-curve polycarbonate.  Had the curvature been more pronounced, EXTECH would have heat curved the panels.

EXTECH's SKYGARD 3700 is designed to be self-supporting, and it can span large openings. It can accept glazing up to 1" thick, and the simple connection of horizontal framing to the vertical framing is achieved by using a stainless steel pin mounting system. Deep glazing pockets allow thermal movement of thermoplastic glazings, and leakage and condensation are controlled by separate gutters.

industrial skylights baltimore md
industrial skylights baltimore md
industrial skylights baltimore md