Translucent Interior Wall Panels | City Park Botanical Garden Pavilion, New Orleans LA

City Park Botanical Garden Pavilion

Location: New Orleans, LA

Architect: Michael McKay

System: LIGHTWALL 3440

The New Orleans Botanical Garden at City Park offers a serene retreat from urban life. Nature lovers wander around the lush foliage, play in the open gardens, or relax under the pavilions. Surrounded by the nation’s largest collection of live oaks, patrons enjoy strolling past 2,000 varieties of plants. Most of the vegetation is native to Louisiana, but there are many other more exotic species.

This outdoor pavilion incorporates interior translucent wall panels. The translucent polycarbonate delivers soft, diffused daylighting that gives the pavilion an ethereal feel. The tongue and groove joinery provides a clean appearance without the need for vertical framing, and because the polycarbonate is 100% recyclable, it fits in with the Botanical Gardens' commitment to sustainable practices.

New Orleans Translucent Wall Panels
New Orleans Translucent Wall Panels
New Orleans Translucent Wall Panels