Prefabricated systems

The Benefits of Prefabricated Systems

Prefabricated systems (also referred to as factory fabricated systems) have grown in popularity in the construction industry.  Prefabrication is the manufacturing and assembly of a system prior to being transported to the site of installation.  Prefabrication has been used  historically for many years and for various types of infrastructure.

At EXTECH, our systems and prefabricated; components are pre-cut to size, pre-drilled, and installs are provided for seamless onsite installation. Prefabrication has many benefits over stick-built construction and in larger, more complex jobs, can be essential for risk mitigation. Here are some of the main reasons to choose prefabricated systems.

1. Less field waste during installation

The elimination of unnecessary field waste allows for sustainable management of construction materials.

2. Easier & quicker installation

Installation time is drastically reduced with prefabricated systems.  Repetitive steps in stick-built construction, like fitting gaskets and cutting framing to size, tack onto installation time. These steps are eliminated in EXTECH’s prefabricated systems.

3. Risk mitigation; Improves quality and safety

Prefabrication reduces risk of onsite errors and guesswork.  Less guesswork improves quality needed for achieving maximum performance.

4. Easier for complicated, large projects

On complex installations, prefabrication of system components leaves little room for error.

5. Ideal for retrofit applications

In retrofit applications where construction schedules must be carefully planned out, prefabricated systems are an ideal solution.  As downtime can affect the bottom-line, reducing downtime saves money.


Overall, prefabrication can be an economical decision for those looking for a speedy installation and little downtime.  To further support a seamless installation, EXTECH has a library of installation manuals to assist with the process. If you are unsure about how the process works or would like more information, contact us to discuss how our systems can help meet your needs.


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